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Spring comes early in North Wales. Is it the light? The warmer wind? The lambs perhaps, or the daffodils? We know when spring is here, though, even if we don’t know quite how.

With spring comes new life, new beginnings and the opportunity to start again. And with spring, of course, comes spring cleaning. Or at least the idea of it.

Let’s be realistic here

Many of us are short of time, and unexpected things (life!) have a habit of happening. That’s why I go for a realistic approach to spring cleaning.

Do a bit of dusting and vacuuming but focus your attention on cleaning those parts of the house that aren’t usually cleaned. It’s these difficult jobs that really need your elbow grease. Remember that the rest of the house gets cleaned as part of your usual routine.

  • This very focused approach has a number of advantages.
  • You’ll be leading from the front.
  • More of the house is clean – result!
  • You won’t feel disappointed (or even guilty) that you haven’t managed to do the entire house – win!
  • You will probably end up doing more cleaning than you thought you would – fantastic!

(And if you want or need to spring clean the whole house, then the internet is chock-full of spring-cleaning articles and schedules to follow.)

Think it through

Which parts of your house do you know or suspect need deep cleaning, even are (whisper it) horribly dirty? Make a list with the worst areas at the top, working down to the least bad. You’ll be starting with the worst area.

Possible suspects are top shelves, difficult to reach places in loos and bathrooms, under the cooker, behind and under the bed. Perhaps the back of the fridge or the recycling area. Behind bookcases in cold rooms. These are the places to spring clean.

Tip. Your log burner generates dust and grime just as oil lamps and candles, coal ranges and open fires used to do. Plan to vacuum your curtains and other soft furnishings to keep them clean and the colour they are meant to be!

Get ready

  • Check your supplies and buy anything you’re low on. I like using microfibre cloths to clean.
  • Choose your music if you’re that kind of person, or find a story to listen to.
  • Warm up. Yes, really. Spring cleaning is surprisingly demanding. Take it slowly until you’re properly into the groove. We don’t want any injuries.
  • Tell yourself that you’re going to focus on one area at a time.
  • Consult your priority list and go to the first location!

Get set – and let the sunshine in!

Open a window or two. This will bring fresh air into the room and let dust and smells out.

Clear the decks by getting rid of obvious rubbish. Take cups, mugs, plates and so on to be washed up. Pick up wrappers, old biros, papers and magazines and recycle or bin them. Empty the waste paper basket.

Look around and declutter what you can [LINK]. Less clutter equals easier cleaning. Spring is a great time to declutter so just have a go. As you move through your spring cleaning, you may find you can release more. Keep your eyes open for possible candidates.

Do a quick dust of the room. Work clockwise round the room, doing a segment at a time. Dusting makes a big difference to how a room looks and feels.

Vacuum a little. This also really spruces a room up.


Now move to your priority area and focus. Pull out furniture and other things if you need to. Then dust, brush, wipe, wash, scrub, clean or polish, as appropriate.

Tip. Don’t work too fast! Get to know that area and try to make the very best of it.

Stand up, stretch and admire!

Good luck!

You won’t be alone in your focused spring cleaning. Many of us across North Wales are on the same mission. Me? I’m working on areas under the bed, behind the piano and in the loo.

This is a guest blog by Moira Stone of Uncluttered Wales. Experienced, professional and friendly, Uncluttered Wales provides decluttering and organising services across North Wales and beyond.